Hogganfield Park LNR

This page provides information about one of the best birdwatching sites in Central Scotland - Hogganfield Park LNR in Glasgow.

All photographs on this page were taken at Hogganfield Park LNR and are copyright Jim Coyle. Click on photos to enlarge and create a slide show.

It is located in the north east of Glasgow, some 5 kilometres from Glasgow City Centre. It is bounded by Cumbernauld Road (A80), Avenue End Road (B7053) and Lethamhill Golf Course.

The main entrance, including free car parking, is at Cumbernauld Road beside Lethamhill Golf Course.

There are also footpaths from Avenue End Road; from the junction of Avenue End Road and Cumbernauld Road; and from Gartloch Road.

Various sign posts have been erected to help you navigate around the LNR.

It is accessible from Glasgow city centre by public transport (see Firstbus for details) to Cumbernauld Road and Gartloch Road.
The LNR is dominated by Hogganfield Loch, a large shallow water body with a wooded island.

The loch and the surrounding grasslands, marsh, pools, ponds, scrub and woodlands were declared as a Local Nature Reserve by Glasgow City Council in 1998.

The loch supports a tremendous variety of birds attracted by a healthy population of invertebrates and fish.

You can see birds such as Great Crested Grebe, Tufted Duck, Goldeneye and Goosander at close quarters.  

In winter, the star attractions are Whooper Swans, all the way from Iceland. 

Other wildfowl that show well, mainly in winter, include Gadwall, Teal and Pochard.
The loch is also one of the few remaining places where Ruddy Duck can be seen, usually in autumn.

Rare or unusual species have included Lesser Scaup, American Wigeon, Long-tailed Duck, Black-necked Grebe, Slavonian Grebe, Black Tern, Common Tern, Mediterranean Gull and Iceland Gull.



The Council has undertaken a series of projects to improve the grassland for wildlife. As a result, there are more wildflowers to be seen and these in turn attract a whole range of butterflies and other insects.


Marsh and Shallow Ponds
A wetland complex of open water and marsh has been created on the eastern side of the reserve. This area is particularly attractive in summer with the flag iris, reedmace and rushes becoming alive with birdsong. In late autumn and into winter, Jack Snipe can be found in the marsh.

A number of small ponds have also been created close to the footpath.

Common frogs use the ponds in spring and dragonflies and damselflies can be seen in summer.

Woodlands and Scrub
A stand of mature trees can be found on the island in the loch and in recent years a small heronry has become established. There was also a small rookery but this disappeared when the local Buzzards decided to also nest on the island.

Areas of scrub have developed close to the marsh and pools and a few large trees can also be found here.

The scrub attracts summer migrants such as Sedge Warbler, Blackcap and Whitethroat.

Thousands of native trees have been planted and they have helped create a woodland corridor towards Gartloch Road. They support numerous insects and they in turn attract a range of woodland birds. In spring, they come alive with the beautiful song of the Willow Warbler.

The Reserve/Park has also been improved for people with a viewing/feeding platform having been installed and the car park realigned to allow walkers to get access to the loch edge.

The loch edges have also been naturalised and new seating areas installed.

All of these improvement works for wildlife and people have resulted in the LNR being awarded a 'Green Flag' - the first LNR in the City to have received such an award.

Hopefully, the above gives you a taste of what to look out for on your visit to this wonderful wildlife resource.

This page will be updated but for latest sightings continue to use the 'Home' page of the Blog.






  1. This is a great idea, Jim. I look forward to reading updates and visiting Hogganfield soon.

    1. Thanks Peter. I hope to post a few photos over the next few days so people can get a feel for the place.

    2. Been following site last couple of months i stay local walk round loch most days also the moss,frankfield ,gartloch handy to be able to read whats about .

  2. Used to visit Hogganfield Loch quite regularly and haven't been there for some time now. Been extremely busy the past year and a half with work and other hobbies.
    Need to start renewing my interest again soon. Looking forward to migrant visitors this autumn. Especially the Waxwings.
    Thanks for the blog. Glasgow badly needs some site to give out more info on local places.

  3. On wed 11th great views of a water rail after path to moss ,start of reeds been coming here for many years first for me stunning views next to path .

    1. Hi Don, Excellent sighting and thanks for reading and commenting on my blog.


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